Clean Energy Rich Water

The water produced by Rafa e-rich Water Filter is energy rich and is of importance to your wellness. This molecular-structured water carries improved oxygen flow to the blood, assists in detoxification of free radicals, improves liver detoxification and increases nutrients take-up by the body.

The secret to getting the maximum effect from the Rafa e-rich Water Filter is by running water over Rafa Ener-G Stones within the filtration system.

What are the benefits of e-rich water?

  • Water enhanced with energy allows for better absorption and making it easier for the body to hydrate
  • Detoxify body organs
  • Fresher tasting drinking water
  • Enhance your sense of well being by drinking enhanced water
  • Balance and harmonize the life force in your body
  • Increases lathering ability of soap
  • Improves plant growth and seed germination
Structured/energy enhanced e-rich water shares the same structure as those absorbed into our cells; which readily carries nutrients into our cells, and the toxins out.

Special Features of e-rich

Rafa e-rich Water Filter features effective purifying capabilities. Its added power can be found in Filter 5 and Filter 6. As clean filtered water arrives at Filter 5 it comes into contact with one Rafa Ener-G Stone, similar to that of Rafa Ener-G Pendant. The water is immediately energised.


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