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Syampu Tudung Yang Pertama di Malaysia
Kesegaran Sepanjang Hari.Tidak Gatal. Tidak Berbau

Syampu Tudung Aqura dirumuskan khas untuk wanita pemakai tudung. Dengan cecair karbon sebagai bahan utama, Syampu Tudung Aqura adalah jawapan untuk masalah kulit. Karbon mencegah pembiakan bakteria seterusnya menghilangkan kegatalan dan bau. 


Clean Energy Rich Water

The water produced by Rafa e-rich Water Filter is energy rich and is of importance to your wellness. This molecular-structured water carries improved oxygen flow to the blood, assists in detoxification of free radicals, improves liver detoxification and increases nutrients take-up by the body.

The secret to getting the maximum effect from the Rafa e-rich Water Filter is by running water over Rafa Ener-G Stones within the filtration system.

What are the benefits of e-rich water?

  • Water enhanced with energy allows for better absorption and making it easier for the body to hydrate
  • Detoxify body organs
  • Fresher tasting drinking water
  • Enhance your sense of well being by drinking enhanced water
  • Balance and harmonize the life force in your body
  • Increases lathering ability of soap
  • Improves plant growth and seed germination
Structured/energy enhanced e-rich water shares the same structure as those absorbed into our cells; which readily carries nutrients into our cells, and the toxins out.

Special Features of e-rich

Rafa e-rich Water Filter features effective purifying capabilities. Its added power can be found in Filter 5 and Filter 6. As clean filtered water arrives at Filter 5 it comes into contact with one Rafa Ener-G Stone, similar to that of Rafa Ener-G Pendant. The water is immediately energised.

Magic of Taurine and Xanthone

e-Pitra delicious fruit juice (with dragon fruit and mangosteen as the main ingredients) is a 100% Malaysian product. With taurine and xanthone as the active ingredients, e-Pitra is very effective, not only as a great antioxidant, but also very effective for increasing the body's energy level.

Dragon Fruit

This fruit is known as PITAYA or its scientific name Hylocereus Undatus, but in Malaysia, it is known as the Dragon Fruit. With taurine as its active ingredient known as a natural energy booster. Dragon fruit is very good for diabetics since it has the ability to control the blood sugar level in the human body.

The Goodness of Dragon Fruit
  • Natural energy booster
  • High Fibre Content
  • Low in Cholesterol
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Natural Anti-Oxidant

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit containing nutrients like Xanthone, which is the best anti-oxidant for improving the overall body system, protecting it from the destruction of free radicals, better than Vitamin E as an anti-oxidant, contain other useful biological ingredients which has anti-bacterial, antitumour, and anti-fungal effects. From 200 types of existing xanthones, 40 can be found in Mangosteen. There are no other known fruits containing such a high content of Xanthone as in the Mangosteen.

 Purity with love. The Aqura Experience.

Aqura Carbon Soap deeply cleanses with a gentle touch. Born of high temperature and intense heat, carbon is the core ingredient behind the effectiveness of Aqura. Amazingly, Aqura actually recharges you as you bathe! The Acti-Carbon in the bath soap emits Negative Ions and Far Infrared Rays. Which is why you will experience the delicate cleansing capabilities of Aqura, and a long lasting freshness.

The naturally black coloured Aqura Bath Soap is formulated with Fine Acti-Carbon Powder, Nano Silver and natural Palm Oil. Acti-Carbon emits Negative Ions and Far Infrared Rays, keeping you feeling fresher longer.
Negative Ions & Far Infrared Rays
Acti-Carbon emits Negative Ions. Called “Vitamin in the air”, Negative Ions help haemoglobin in the blood to move nutrients and create energy. Acti-Carbon also emits Far-Infrared Rays that have been proven by scientists to promote the growth and health of living cells. Far Infrared Rays emit millions of regular bio resonance per minute, which react directly upon contact with the skin. This function revitalizes skin cells and protects skin aging.
Anti-Bacteria & Sterilization
Nano Silver is added to Aqura soaps for its anti-bacterial properties. Nano Silver conducts electron-robbing behaviour when in contact with bacteria, stripping electrons from the organism’s surface, thereby disrupting their functioning, typically killing the bacteria. Because some of the Nano Silver is left behind on the skin and in the pores, the benefit can also extend beyond the actual time of washing, giving you long lasting freshness on your skin.
What is Carbon Liquid?
Carbon Liquid is the active ingredient in Aqura Facial Soap. Carbon Liquid is made up primarily of pyroligeneous acid, recognized by experts of various fields as having positive health and beauty effects, and is widely used in the daily life of the Japanese people.
Carbon Liquid is pure pyroligeneous acid. It contains more than 200 components, including acetic acid, methyl, acetone and small amount of other chemicals. It is a pure and natural solution.
Pyroligeneous acid has a long history agent, deodorizer, and even as medicine for intestinal disorders.
When Carbon Liquid is added to water, the behavior of the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic organic components such as acetic acid phenol decreases the size of the water molecules, facilitating absorption into the skin and increasing energy flow, making it perfect as a Facial Soap.

" I have a rough scar on one of my arms. After using Aqura bath soap for about 1 week, the scar on my arm became smooth. After bathing with this soap, it keeps me awake and fresh until evening. I’m no longer feel sleepy in my lectures. "
Zul Helmy, 21 years, Unisel.
" I use to have a bad itch on my thighs after bathing. But after using Aqura, the itch has disappeared! "
Patrick Lui, Kuala Lumpur.